We Can Protect Your Future
At the Law Offices of Joel A. Nass, P.C., we have the skill and experience to represent you in drafting a valid premarital or post-marital agreement. Whether you wish us to draft a premarital agreement or post-marital agreement to provide to your future spouse, or if you are the recipient of one, we will assist you with a personalized approach to accomplishing your goals.
Many people believe that premarital agreements are only for the rich and famous. However, premarital agreements can help all couples. Here are some reasons why:

    • PROPERTY: They identify and help keep your non-marital property non-marital. They may also be used to position income to each spouse, or to each marital estate. Ask us to explain.
    • COST SAVINGS: They eliminate many or all contests to property and child issues later on, thereby avoiding expensive divorces.
    • PROTECT CHILDREN: Protect your children’s inheritance.

Post-marital agreements are very similar to premarital agreements except they are created after the marriage. Post-marital agreements can cover almost all issues that premarital agreements cover, such as how assets will be divided after a divorce, children’s inheritance issues, etc. Both forms of marital agreements, both pre and post, are extremely important to consider if you are thinking of marriage, or are married.

We at the Law Offices of Joel A. Nass, P.C. will ensure your premarital or post-marital agreement is drafted properly. It is our goal to protect your interests in the event of a divorce or death, and that is why we work so closely with each client to ensure their needs are heard and met.

Have you been presented with a premarital or post-marital agreement?
If properly prepared, marital agreements are binding and enforceable. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you allow us to work with you on ensuring its validity before you sign it making sure you do not overlook and sign away any important legal rights.

When you are ready to talk to an attorney about drafting a marital agreement – or if you have been asked to sign one – please contact our law office. We are prepared to help you understand your options and ensure any agreement you sign is in line with your priorities and best interest.

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