When a marriage ends and there are children involved, the additional stress associated with juggling the children’s school and extra-curricular activities, their parents separating, finances, and work can be a challenge. We at the Law Offices of Joel A. Nass, P.C., know this. We have helped family’s work together in a manner that minimizes a child’s exposure to the chaotic situation, which ultimately leads to less emotional harm on the children. This is why we believe negotiation and settlement is always preferable to trial.

Our goal is to resolve all custody and possession disputes through any non-adversarial way possible such as informal negotiations or mediation. However, each case and client is unique.
The Law Offices of Joel A. Nass, P.C. specialize in:

  • Child custody & possession
  • Child support
  • Special needs children: support & custody
  • Modifications of custody, support, and possession
  • Father’s rights
  • Mother’s rights
  • Relocation
  • International child kidnapping by parent
  • Protective Orders

At the Law Offices of Joel A. Nass, P.C., we use our comprehensive understanding of the Texas family laws to advocate aggressively on behalf of our clients.

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