High-Asset Divorce? Business Owner or Professional?
For almost forty years, we have built our law firm to be one of the leading resources for business owners, professionals, and high-net worth individuals seeking a divorce. With clients ranging from prominent doctors, professional athletes, and successful businessmen and women, it is our imperative at the Law Offices of Joel A Nass PC, to provide you with our decades of experience. Along with our experience is guaranteed our extensive knowledge of high-asset property division, business valuation, and other pertinent factors in ensuring a healthy separation of finances.

Your Experienced Counsel
When you entrust your divorce to us, you will profit from working with an attorney who is Board-Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. We have wide-ranging experience in nearly all areas of family law and know when and how to consider other areas which may affect your case. We are skilled at helping individuals identify key objectives, and then develop a legal strategy to achieve those objectives. We are experienced at resolving conflicts through both mediation and litigation for local and national clients.

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