Ending a marriage is never easy. Divorce is both emotionally and financially difficult for families, and for most people, the most challenging experiences they will have to face in their lifetime. Your role as a parent, your long-term financial stability, and other critical decisions will all be made at the same time you are experiencing an emotional rollercoaster and the fallout from a failed marriage. For this reason, it is vital to retain the services of an experienced lawyer who understands the importance of obtaining agreement and orders which will help you stabilize your situation emotionally and financially. This will also provide a strong foundation for making informed decisions necessary for the divorce, and post-divorce, process.

At the Law Offices of Joel A. Nass, P.C., we feel that a non-confrontational, efficient, and free of any unnecessary costs divorce is always the best route. To that end, as is possible, it is imperative to save our clients as much time, money, and emotional expense by resolving their cases through non-adversarial means. This is completed through alternative dispute processes, such as informal negotiations or mediation. If litigation is of the utmost necessity, we are prepared to represent you and your family in a family court of law.

Divorce Representation Dedicated To Defending Your Interests
Each of our clients comes to our firm with unique needs, goals, and financial considerations that must be addressed in a divorce. We are fully equipped to tailor our representation to meet those needs, as well as all of the issues that might arise in your divorce, including:

    • Child Support & Visitation
    • High Net-Worth Divorce
    • Property Division
    • Business Valuation
    • Asset Tracing
    • Enforcement
    • Alimony/ Spousal Maintenance
    • International Child Kidnapping by a Parent
    • Protective Orders

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