Need To Enforce A Court Order?
Every experienced family law attorney knows that obtaining a court order is only the first step. Having the ability to enforce the final court order is understanding the law, your facts, and the court’s order. We can help you simplify and enforce the most complicated case.

The Law Offices of Joel A. Nass, P.C. work with clients to ensure the enforcement of:

    • Child Support and Medical Support
    • Child Possession
    • Spousal Support
    • Delivery of Property or Money

The Consequences for failing to make court-ordered payments can include:

    • Interception of Tax refunds
    • Jail time
    • License suspension
    • Passport revocation
    • Property seizure
    • Wage garnishment

When you combine our extensive experience in family law and our steadfast commitment to our clients, there should be no doubt that your best interest are our number one priority when you hire us to represent you.

We can help you collect support payments even if your former spouse or child’s parent has left the state, lost their job, or filed for bankruptcy. We regularly take enforcement issues to court. We are skilled and aggressive litigators, and we are both board certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Finally, the best part of enforcement law is that judges expect their final orders to be obeyed. So when a party fails to comply with court orders, an experienced litigator has the ability to work through the Court system to assist in securing compliance through a contempt or enforcement order.

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