If Your Circumstances Have Changed, We Can Help You
Even after a marriage has been legally dissolved, and the court order is final, circumstances of either party can change due to a loss of income, increase in income or any number of other factors if it is in the best interest of the child. In these instances, the Texas Family Code allows the court to readdress or modify your court order. If your circumstances, or those of the other parent, have changed, we will explain how to succeed in the modification of child support, custody, visitation rights, powers and duties, or spousal support.

Modifications require lots of preparation if the goal is to terminate or change a current court order. If the party receiving any type of spousal support remarries or lives with a financially supportive person in a continuing conjugal relationship, the support may be terminated. It is highly advisable to work with us if you wish you modify spousal support because the burden lies with you to prove that the change is necessary.

The modification of a court’s order is a new suit, with statutory hurdles and evidentiary challenges. But, if your circumstances, or your ex-spouse, or other parent’s circumstances, have changed in some way, we will work with you to maximize a result which is in your best interest, and the best interest of your children.

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