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Welcome to The Law Offices of Joel A Nass PC

For almost forty years, attorney Joel Nass has handled some of the most difficult, intricate, and high-profile divorce cases in Texas. It is this experience that has built the firm’s astounding reputation in the Houston legal community.

The Law Offices of Joel A Nass PC features Joel Nass and esteemed family law attorney Courtney A. Hoff. We have built a reputation of excellence by continuously demonstrating our high level of experience, proficiency, and commitment to the field, all while attending to the sensitive needs of each client and family member.
We understand that any legal matter related to family or children can cause undue amounts of distress. That is why our attitude is simple: Once we are engaged by a client, that client is treated as an integral part of our legal team. We will work together to problem solve in a professional, experienced, and supportive atmosphere. Our belief is that the sooner we resolve your family matter, the sooner you will begin your new family life, resume asset creation, and start the next chapter of your life.

Ending a marriage or wrestling with any family legal matter is overwhelming. That level of stress can cause hasty decisions by individuals simply trying to bring about a quicker resolution in an effort to alleviate the misery. Unfortunately, these quick decisions are what many people later regret the most. We won’t let you make bad decisions that plague you for years to come.

Our legal team works closely with clients to protect their interests, separating the most critical objectives from issues that are more easily negotiable. At the Law Offices of Joel A Nass PC, we understand that effective negotiators are proven litigators. Our reputation within the legal community for thorough preparation and dedication to defending our clients’ rights in court allow us to often reach a mutually beneficial resolution without resorting to costly litigation.