If you own a business, are a professional, or are a high net-worth individual, your issues are different from most divorce cases. Not every divorce attorney is experienced with the issues of large and complex cases.

Issues Involved in Complex, High Net-Worth Divorces:
A wide variety of assets may be involved, including:

      • Executive compensation benefits
      • Brokerage accounts (stocks, stock options, etc.)
      • Pensions and retirement accounts (401Ks, IRAs, stocks)
      • Trusts
      • Homes and other real estate
      • Family businesses and professional practices
      • Vehicles (cars, boats, motorcycles and recreational vehicles)
      • Personal belongings (jewelry, art, antiques, etc.)
      • Separate property estates
      • Bankruptcy

Hidden Assets
Have you or your spouse been planning to get a divorce for some time, but have not yet done so until now? It is not uncommon for individuals seeking a separation to secretly acquire or separate assets and place them in locations unknown to their spouses. This is especially likely in a business owner divorce or once the parties begin considering or planning for a divorce. We work with forensic accountants and financial investigators to uncover these so-called “Hidden Assets.”

Asset Valuation
The Texas Rules of Civil Procedure allow you to request and obtain information concerning all assets and liabilities of the spouses. It is our responsibility to make all of your spouse’s assets as transparent to you as possible and we are prepared to show that property that may be awarded to your spouse is of high value and that you are entitled to value offsetting it. Asset valuation can be complicated. An asset can be both a community and separate asset. An asset can also be contingent on future receipt. Ask us to explain.

Premarital and Non-Marital Agreements
Marital agreements are recognized by state law. If properly prepared and executed, they are a reliable tool to identify and divide assets and debts. A large majority of high-net worth individuals, including professionals and business owners, have executed a premarital agreement prior to marriage. We will use our decades of experience in this field to analyze the validity of these documents, and to verify their validity. If you have a need for a non-martial, premarital, or marital agreement, we will prepare one that will be binding. High net worth cases also involve issues common to all other divorce cases, such as child custody, child support and spousal maintenance in addition to property division. Frequently, they are more involved and require additional expertise, which we will provide.

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